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Immerse yourself in blissful indulgence as my skilled hands work their magic, leaving you
renewed, restored, and ready to soar.
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Welcome to

Spiritual Wellness Center

Welcome to Crafting Massage by Laura Mendez, where healing hands shake hands with personalized care.
Experience the power of touch and unlock your body’s potential for renewal and relief.

60 Min Massage

Deep tissue/sports massage with hot stones included, no extra charge. Full body treatment for relaxation and addressing specific concerns.


75 Min Massage

Extended full-body massage. Deep tissue/sports style with hot stones included at no extra charge. Extra time for specific areas of focus.


90 Min

Full body massage targeting specific concerns. Deep tissue/sports style with hot stones included at no extra charge. Enhanced relaxation and therapeutic benefits.


Senior Discount

Enjoy a rejuvenating scalp massage and a relaxing foot soak in Epsom Salt as part of our package. Foot massage included, redeemable at your preferred time.


30 Min Chair

Upper body massage targeting neck, shoulders, and hands. Tension release and relaxation in a shorter session.



If you’re dedicated to your well-being, our massage packages offer double benefits. You’ll enjoy a discounted price while improving your wellness. Each has an expiration date based on the one you choose.

Stress Relief Package

Let go of stress and tension with a soothing Swedish or a deeper, more focused deep tissue massage. Select three or six sessions of 60 minutes each to enjoy the benefits.

Renew Package

Treat your body to rejuvenation with our relaxing Swedish or therapeutic deep tissue massage. Select either three or six 75-minute sessions. Package valid for eight months.

Revive Package

Revive your body and spirit through a Swedish or deep tissue massage. Choose three or six sessions for a 90-minute massage. Expires in one year.